You Don’t Have to Shower In Wichita, Kansas

    You Don’t Have to Shower in Wichita, Kansas

    When I have a buyer these days, I am always amazed at some of the reasons why I my showing is not possible for a seller.

    Some of my Favorites: “Nope, Sorry.  Can’t show it because….

    “The beds aren’t made  – Ok, really?  If you are going to sell your home, one of two things have to happen.  Either you have to wake up early enough to make your bed or you have to deal with the fact that your home may be shown with unmade beds.  Unmade beds are not a reason to deny a showing.

    unmade bed

    “The babysitter is there by herself” – You trust her to watch your pride and joy, but don’t trust her to let a professional in the door with buyers?
    “The dog is in the house and not friendly” – Good idea: Lock Fido in one area of the home with a child gate (The room can still be seen and no one is in danger)  Better Idea: Lock Fido in a kennel in the yard (whole house can be seen and no one is in danger)  Best Idea: Send Fido to Gramma’s house until you get an offer (No one will make a judgement of the home based on the presence of an animal)
    “It’s dinnertime” – Seriously?  I gave an hour timeframe.  Who eats dinner for a whole hour?  Is there no compromise in there?
    “It’s raining” or “It’s windy” – I have heard this several times.  Trust me, no one wants to trec out in bad weather to see a house UNLESS THE BUYER IS SERIOUS.  If the buyer is serious, believe me, this is definitely the buyer you want in your house; no matter what the weather!

    “I have to take a shower” – for an hour?  Really?  At that exact time?  really, really?

    ATTENTION Sellers of homes that we want really want to show and sell; I give you permission to be stinky, itchy, maybe even a little grimey.  We don’t care if you are dirty and smelly.  When the buyer buys the house, you aren’t going to stay so the buyer doesn’t care either.  So be yucky….just be gone so we can show your home!

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