If anyone asks me, I know what I know and I know that I know it (usually I would add an emphatic “darn-it! in there too)!

    Most of us are the same way.  We KNOW.  (yes, that is a period at the end of those two words for a reason)  Powerful sentence, isn’t it?

    “WE KNOW.”  It could be a Realtor marketing campaign (as long as it was said without



    But let me ask: Do we KNOW what we know and know that we know it, really?  What color is the YIELD sign?

    Before you scratch your head and determine that I have finally lost my marbles, let me explain.




    Yesterday, if someone would have walked up to me and asked me what color a yield sign is, I would have told them without hesitation that they are YELLOW.  I would have known I was right and I would have gone on my way feeling completely confident that I helped someone with this burning question….

    GUESS WHAT?  Yield signs have been RED since 1971!  virtually my whole life, yield signs have been red, but before last night, I KNEW I knew that they were yellow.

    That got me thinking; how much of what we think we know is not exactly accurate in today’s real estate world?  Have we evolved with the times and adapted so gradually that we KNOW what we know?, or do we only THINK we know?

    If we aren’t constantly learning, evolving, passing on relevant, hopefully useful information; If we aren’t observing the signs…..


    well then are we any better than the ill fated yellow yield sign?

    Half of you are going to do a net search to check what color Yield signs really are…..it’s ok… I did too.  They are red with a white middle.  Trust me, I looked it up.  when I saw one, I said “oh yeah!  That’s right!”


    Happy real-estating!

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