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    • This house makes my butt look fat! 10 things buyers say! (and what they really mean)

    This house makes my butt look fat! 10 things buyers say! (and what they really mean)

    This house makes my butt look fat! 10 things buyers say! (and what they really mean)

    I decided a long time ago that I could never buy a sporty bright yellow car.  I have an olive complection and yellow just makes me look dead.  Even though those cute vehicles catch my eye everytime I see one, I could never imagine driving around town looking dead…

    Although I have made this silent pact with myself, I have never actually

    sports car

    shared this information with anyone else.  It is just way too embarrasing to share that I am so self centered that I am concerned that my car compliments my complection.

    I mention this because I am amazed at the things that buyers will say outloud when rejecting a home.  In Wichita, kansas there are so many choices that buyers are looking for the “perfect” home before they decide on the “right” home.  In an effor to keep looking, I have heard some pretty interesting things.  My top 10 favorites are below….

    10.  “They keep it too clean!”

    9.  “There are way too many windows!”

    8.  “The grass is too thick!  Let’s keep looking”

    7.  “Can’t live here! I’d be the redneck of the neighborhood”

    6.  “How many bathrooms can one house have?  Seriously?”

    5.  “If I can’t buy the furniture with it, I can’t buy this house!”

    4.  “The dog is the deal breaker.  If we can’t keep the dog with the house, we will move on.”



    3.  “I sense someone dies here.  I can’t live in a house that someone died in!”

    2.  “I don’t want to have to do a THING.  and these carpets need to be cleaned!”

    1.  “this house makes my butt look fat!”



    hippo butt


    I had to ask many questions (with a straight face) to find out what the buyer actually meant.  For clarity, I have included that here too:

    10.  “I would warm it up a little with a rug or some color”

    9.  “I am security conscience and don’t feel safe with the whole back of the house being windows”

    8.  “I have 3 dogs and it would break my heart to see them ruin this beautiful yard”


    7.  “I never thought I would be able to afford such a nice area.”

    6.  “We are moving from a one bath home, the idea of 3 baths is overwhelming to me”

    5.  “I fear I won’t like the house as much with my 1970’s plaid sofa in it”

    4.  “I really don’t want the house, but my daughter does.  So I am adding a term to the contract so I am not the bad guy.”

    3.  “I don’t like this house even though it is everything I told you I wanted.”

    2.  “I don’t know if they’ll clean up and replacing the carpet is not in my budget”

    1.  “the doorways to the bathrooms are small and I feel like I have to turn sideways to go through them”

    small doorway

    when you break it down like that, some pretty valid reasons!

    When a buyer finds a Wichita, KS home that truly speaks to them, there are no more reasons…only love.

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